Vocational Training

The need for skill enhancement is becoming evident as the recognition for quality social capital in the inclusive growth is considered must to reach out in the dynamic local and global markets with active producers, buyers and sellers especially from rural sector. UGVS through its Integrated Livelihood Support Project (ILSP) has also taken an initiative to engage rural youth in the hills region of Uttarakhand to create opportunities for skills development in multiple trades based on the market led and aptitude matched demand and supply equation. The delivery of such skills training would be through certified agencies with standard modules to enable youth with quality skills and further facilitate the process of job placement with industry/agencies or alternatively work as self-employed. Under its VT programme, UGVS has a mandate to train 15000 youth during project life till 2019 from hill districts of Uttarakhand and involve at least 60% women participation with a target to gain 80% job placements including self-employment with 25% contribution from the candidates. Within the overall target of 15,000, the project has set a special target of skilling 5,000 youth from the disaster affected region of Uttarakhand.

Under the given mandate in the project, the focus for VT is to:

  1. Develop ‘Skilled Workforce’ for new industries incentivised by GoUK tax Incentives
  2. Benefits must reach the rural hills regions in the State
  3. Address high youth unemployment levels in the State
  4. Foster new avenues for education & training by building alliances with private sector
  5. Ensure training reaches to motivated individuals wanting to pursue career and pursue further studies in the related field upon completion of vocational training with gained work experience
  6. Ensure quality training linked to job placement related to skills acquired